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Do Not Associate Astrology With 2012

Over the past few years a well-meaning group of astrologers called the Cosmic Intelligence Agency has led a campaign to “make 2012 the year of astrology.”  Their goal is to use some of the hype surrounding predictions about the significance of the year 2012 to draw greater attention to astrology and the astrological community as a whole.   At one point they even went so far as to see if they could lobby the United Nations in order to officially designate 2012 as the year of astrology.

I would like to respectfully point out that this isn’t a very good idea, at least in my opinion.  Let me explain why.

Most of the hype surrounding 2012 hasn’t really been generated by astrologers, since astrologers weren’t the ones who originally designated 2012 as a significant year.  Rather, most of the claims surrounding 2012 have been made by writers associated with the New Age movement such as José Argüelles, John Major Jenkins, Carl Johan Calleman and Daniel Pinchbeck.

While it is true that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, the Mayans themselves didn’t really say much about the significance of this event.  Additionally, there aren’t really any terribly unique astrological alignments that stand out in a way that makes that particular year seem incredibly significant on its own.  As a result of this lack of significant astrological alignments, there weren’t really any predictions about the importance of 2012 made by astrologers before the subject became popularized by the New Age writers mentioned above.  Virtually all claims by astrologers about the significance of 2012 have been made as a result of a preconceived notions that something important is supposed to happen that year because that is what the New Age writers have told people that the Mayans predicted.   So most contemporary predictions about 2012 by astrologers are attempts to justify why 2012 could be important from the perspective of contemporary astrological theory, trying to account for the preconceived notion rather than identifying something that stands out as astrologically significant in its own right.

So what’s the problem with this?  Well, if the predictions for 2012 didn’t really originate with the Mayans, and they didn’t really originate with contemporary astrologers either, then that means that they are mainly derived from a handful of New Age authors who have published a wide array of different speculations over the past few decades.  These authors have a variety of different agendas, and their predictions for 2012 range from the fantastic to the absurd.  The sheer number of different predictions about what will happen in 2012 means that many of them, if not all or most of them, will not pan out.  By “not pan out” I mean that once 2012 is over and we have moved into 2013 many of these predictions will have turned out to be flat out wrong.  This is where the problem lies.

My concern is that to whatever extent the Cosmic Intelligence Agency is successful in publicly associating astrology with 2012, to the same extent astrology will be seen to be discredited in the public eye once 2012 is over and many of the predictions about it are seen to have been false.  Instead of helping astrology, this campaign to promote the notion of some sort of connection between astrology and 2012 could actually end up doing great damage to the reputation of the subject.  And astrology is already in a rather precarious position from a societal standpoint, since the majority of people already think that it is disreputable to begin with, so it certainly doesn’t need any additional damage at this point in time.

Now, I realize that the intentions of those who wish to make this association between the two subjects are actually quite good, and they sincerely want to help promote astrology and put it in a positive light, and they think that this is a good way to go about doing that.  To those of you who hold this opinion I would just like you to consider the possibility that this could backfire.  Some of you may say that it is worth the risk, especially if you believe in some of the New Age hype surrounding the subject, but I personally do not.  This is not because I think that its too risky, but rather I don’t see any particularly good astrological reasons to place so much importance on 2012.   Most of the cycles that astrologers have pointed to recently as being astrologically significant during that time frame seem more indicative of much broader, long term types of developments that will take place over the course of years, decades and centuries.  I suspect that those who are expecting a defining moment in world history to take place on December 21, 2012 will find themselves to be deeply disappointed.

So, rather than attempting to associate astrology with 2012, I would suggest the exact opposite, that astrologers should actually go out of their way to disassociate astrology with 2012, and to distance the astrological community from what is sure to be quite a disappointment for many people.  There is nothing dishonest about this since, as I pointed out earlier, this fad didn’t originate within the astrological community, and its main proponents are not astrologers.  To be clear, this doesn’t mean that astrologers can’t look at various mundane astrological trends for next year or the years that follow and speculate about their potential significance for the world at large, but I just think that we should be much more careful about going out of our way to contribute to the 2012 hysteria and associating our practice with it.

The only real hurdle here is that there is often quite a bit of overlap between astrologers and those who are into the New Age movement, and sometimes it is hard for people to distinguish between the two.  I would like to be very clear in pointing out that the astrological community and the New Age movement are not one and the same though.   Astrology has been around for far longer, and has been a part of more civilizations and cultures than have even existed in the brief period of time that the New Age movement has been around, and I dare say that astrology will still be here long after the New Age movement has become a relic of the past.  The hype surrounding 2012 belongs to the New Age movement, not to the astrological community.   It is one of the last great pieces of millenarian lore that is so typical of that movement, and perhaps even of some of the cultural fears that our society has shared collectively during this time around and just after the year 2000.   And like the Y2K phenomenon, 2012 is another trend that will come and go.  Let’s not allow astrology to become the victim of a passing cultural fad.


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About a year ago, I attended a lecture by social anthropologist
Vinnie Stanzione @ OSU-
Vinnie takes care of a Mayan temple in Guatamala, and has been appointed a “day keeper” by their shamans.
That means he’s an astrologer in the Mayan tradition.
He states there is no substance to the apocalyptic
interpretations; but mentioned, rather, the astonishing growth
of Pentacoslal Christianity in Guatamala, to my surprise.

Ummm….did someone say no serious astrological events connected with the year 2012?

1) Neptune enters Pisces for good, first time in 164 years

2) Venus transits across the sun, finishing it’s 8 year mini-phase which always includes 2 contacts. Last time was 2004, also in Gemini, which was around the beginning of the the obsessively fast information/data/computation growth we’ve seen (Facebook started in 2004, social media, digital technologies have taken off. Just read the news on any tech site and you may start to rethink the recession…). 2012 closes the cycle of Gemini. Next Venus transit across the Sun not to occur again until 2117. Last contact were 1874 and 1882 in SAGITTARIUS. These transits always occur in Gemini and Sag, alternatively, and as they do major shifts in data/information/mentalities/media/thoughts/the mind and philosophy/religion/the world society and social systems/trade, etc. RESPECTIVELY occur. Interesting isn’t it? How the human mind and the philosophies that run/program our mind are what has created EVERYTHING within humanity on this earth, from technology to social mores/values rules. These signs are the EXPRESSION of our values and VALUE. THAT IS VENUS, if anything ever was. Our value is what we humans have intrinsically that puts us above every other species on Earth: our mind.

3) Saturn enters Scorpio, crystalizing a mutual reception between Pluto (already ruling the sky/Earth considering what it’s brought forth since its entry into Capricorn) for the next 2.5 years…

4) First Uranus square Pluto. Pluto in Capricorn (all current world systems, and all of the material earth) is definitely going to get a taste of the new (technology, esp) and the new (technology) is going to get an understanding of the old. Both are going to use each other. May the best square expert win.

5) ON THE VERY DAY the Mayan Calendar *supposedly* ends there is a YOD between the WILL BE MUTUALLY RECEPTIVE Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, with Jupiter in Gemini (the sign that rules information)

6) Mars spends months in Virgo, another mercurial sign, a sign of Earth, not the heavens but, I’m sure it’ll bring out how the two and information/data are related

But no…nothing to see here. Nope! No exciting Astrological events happening in 2012. Nothing to see here!! LMAO!!!

Also, the Mayans may not have followed any systems of astrology, AS THEY ARE TODAY, but like every other continental group on Earth (African, Asians, Europeans, Australians) they followed the stars and charted the correlation between the stars and events on Earth. Isn’t that the definition of astrology Mr. Brennan argues for? The Mayans even went as far as to time social events by the stars. I mean that’s as close to modern astrology as they could get back then.


Your comment is incredibly interesting and truthful.

What I believe is that we are GOING TO SEE LOTS OF CHANGES in 2012, but not “the end of the world” – rather the end of a cycle…
There is no doubt in my mind that our Civilization is coming to an end… New Paradigms are needed and survival means that are sustainable and fair.

Thanks for your comment,


Well done Heather! Blooming, in fact (if you know the old folk song). Quietly, clearly, and sensibly, the truth will out in the end.

Umm…”serious astrological events” happen EVERY year and there is a shift everytime ANY planet enters a new sign.  These events you list, Heather, don’t seem too spectacular…in my opinion and I really don’t see the importance of Jupiter being in aversion to Saturn and Pluto on the day the Mayan calendar ends? 

It’s not an AVERSION, Ms. Rice. It’s a yod. I recommend you do some research if you’d like to understand the event(s) I referred to. I could tell you, (but wait…I just did that…) but it’s probably better you find your own way . I was speaking about the significance of the yod, it’s nature, ie: aspects and its relationship to other ongoing transits and to the state of the social-political and environmental world (some say there’s evidence the latter is in a state of flux as well, most can see that the former, meaning the human world, IS).

If you don’t see anything spectacular about these events, that is fine. It is your opinion and/or belief. I think that you should be aware that most astrologers do regard many of the above listed events as atypical. One can provide data but everyone must stand on the volition of their own mind. The beauty of Astrology is that it is a science which aspects of the scientific method are easily applied. So I guess you can just wait and see. I won’t be waiting…


Significant changes are taking place in the sky all the time, and as astrologers we acknowledge that these changes correlate with important events here on earth. There is no doubt that some interesting astrological alignments will take place next year, just like there were some important alignments in 2011, or like there will be in 2013 for that matter. However, 2012 is supposed to be important because it is the end of a 5,126 year cycle in the Mayan calendar. That is why 2012 was originally designated by Mayan and subsequently New Age authors as being important, because of the end of this 5,126 year cycle. Within the context of such a vast span of time, all of the cycles you pointed out seem rather unimportant or insignificant. They don’t seem to be on the same scale. Additionally, several of the transits that you mentioned are not significant in a way way that would cause contemporary astrologers to point to this year as being one of the most important years in world history, especially if someone hadn’t already told them that it was supposed to be. Along those lines, it seems to me like you are trying to ascribe greater significance to the alignments that you mentioned than many of them actually call for, and I can only assume that this is because you too have developed a prior assumption that 2012 will be a more important year for the world in general than normal, and you are (somewhat unsuccessfully) attempting to conform the astrology to meet those expectations.

To respond to your specific points:

1) Neptune already made its first ingress into Pisces in 2011. As you mentioned, this is less than a 200 year cycle, which is not much in comparison to the end of a 5,000 year period.

2) This is a somewhat impressive point, and this is one of the few things that I have acknowledged already as being significant here in the comments and elsewhere. One of the reasons that I think that this is interesting is because the Mayans were very focused on Venus cycles, and I suspect that this may have been part of the reason that the long count ends in the year when a somewhat significant Venus transit takes place. I don’t know that I would go so far as to say that this is when the “obsessively fast information/data/computation growth” started, but it is true that this is the period in which social networking started to take off. Everyone I know was on Myspace by then. That only tells us that it might be an important part of an 8 year cycle for social networking though, unless there is something specific about the longer term transit that you think is relevant here from a historical perspective.

3) Saturn in Scorpio isn’t that impressive, except for those of us with Saturn in Scorpio. Whether or not it is a mutual reception with Pluto is arguable. Many would say that it is not, so it is a matter of opinion to some extent.

4) It is true that the first exact square of this series will occur in 2012, although this is part of a broader cycle that will play out over the course of the next few years, and there isn’t necessarily any reason to assume that the emphasis of the transit will be focused on the beginning of the series rather than on the middle or end. The square itself isn’t even the most significant configuration that these two planets could be making. If it were a conjunction or even an opposition then I would be far more impressed. Instead it just indicates a turning point with respect to some of the trends and social themes that were initiated under the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the 1960’s.

5) As I’ve written before on this blog, yods are one of the most over-hyped aspect patterns in modern astrology:

It is interesting that Jupiter opposes the midpoint between Saturn and Pluto that day, but without other major factors involved, it doesn’t sound like the major world changing event that some people are talking about.

6) Mars goes retrograde every two and a half years, so I’m not sure what exactly is so special about this particular retrograde that makes it notable here.

I will end this comment by pointing out that if these alignments were really as important as you are trying to make them out to be, then we would have seen a number of astrologers specifically talking about all of them and anticipating them over the past few decades, in the same way that they take note of and talk about major outer planet conjunctions, or even the cardinal cross that occurred last summer. Where is the literature from decades ago when astrologers first realized that such important planetary alignments were on the horizon in 2012?

Searching the web for information about astrology and 2012 I came along this site and specific this article.

Let me tell you this: When you talk to a real Mayan elder, he would tell you that there’s isn’t such a thing as 2012. Yes, there is some kind of monument representing one of the many calendars the Maya’s have, but the Maya’s themselves don’t think it’s that important. There are however several ‘white mayan wannabe elders’ who claim to be part Maya of being adopted by the Maya. In fact the whole 2012 Maya-thing is a ‘discovery’ by a white katholic priest who wrote about this somewhere around 1877.

Also there had been told that the Hopi’s have a similar prediction for 2012. Well, reading an a site (NAFPS) where Native Americans unite against what they call ‘plastic, fraud and new age sjamans’ it came clear to me that the Hopi’s don’t have such a prediction.

On this site there I also found the information about how real Mayan elders think about 2012.

It is even so that Native Americans find it insulting that they are connected by ‘white people’ to 2012.

Most of the Native Americans who are talking about 2012 aren’t natives at all! They pretend to be, but in fact they are lying. They aren’t registered as Native Americans.

I’m dutch, by the way, and not used to write in English so forgive me my spelling- of grammatical faults.

Heather says: “It’s not an AVERSION, Ms. Rice. It’s a yod.I recommend you do some research …”

I’d like to point out that Aversion is a technical astrological term used in Hellenistic astrology (the kind of which Mr. Brennan is a specialist) which many of us here recognize. “Yod” is an extremely new concept, one which people who practice traditional astrology use not at all. So before you start criticizing techniques and technical terms, you might do a little research of your own.

I know what an aversion is. This aspect includes two, and a sextile in between…which would make it a yod. During Dec. 2012 Venus comes close enough in Sagittarius to make two other aversions (semisextiles to Saturn and Pluto), and make it four (if you allow a wider orb than 1 degree, Mercury and the Moon do as well).

Believe what you want about yods, but like many others, I have studied them extensively and found enough proof to believe they’re important.

I’d ask you consider these transits surrounding this date from a broader point of view (considering they are universal). My tribe is over 10,000 years old (not native American, but African), but many have forgotten their knowledge from just a couple hundred years ago (colonization will do that). Perhaps the same has happened with many Native Americans? (I did not notice any spelling errors btw, Bianca)

I ask you, Mr. Brennan, whether the astrologers you mention have a firm grasp on astrology beyond the past few decades and before the Middle Ages (or any view that isn’t Eurocentric or Indian based, astrologically, or not). If astrology exists as a correlation between celestial events and the Earth, then it would be something all humanity has noticed for quite some time, no? It helps to keep an open mind and a wide view of humanity when looking at these rare astrological events. Perhaps then one can see how extensive and rapid the recent changes we’re going through really are-from a humanity and planetary standpoint. I certainly would not have learned as much if, like many people in the world, I just stuck to my native views/perspective/beliefs.

Not all astrologers are as public as the ones you may know, Mr. Brennan. That is something else to consider as well. We don’t know what ALL astrologers in the world are doing/thinking.

I’ll talk to you guys later…in 2012. Literally. I’ll save my words for then. I could spend my time writing info but I’ve got too much to work on, considering.

Nice site, by the way.

I’ve thought about this and here’s my two cents. It is interesting this ‘Yod’ with Jupiter happens alongside the Mayan calendar end date. If things really are predetermined and can be read in the stars I would expect there to be something significant on this date, but I think Jupiter in this placement may signify hyped up ideas and because it will be in aversion to Saturn and Pluto the ideas will remain ideas and will not formulate into anything concrete. I could be wrong, though.

I am reminded of the Three Wise Men who were there for the birth of Jesus Christ. Astrology has a role to play in human affairs. It is to warn and educate people. The Stars are tools for discerning the mind of God. For discerning what is happening in our Universe and why it is happening. Nothing less, nothing more.

Any Astrologer worth their salt would be proud to be associated with the most important date in the history of mankind… The End of this World as we know it, period. No one can predict the future, but one can discern the changes coming and educate the masses and give warnings, that is the job of Astrology. The knowledge of the Stars, for it is All Written in the Stars.

Big Changes are coming, to deny that is to lie to one’s self and to all others.

If I were you, I would really concentrate on exactly what that Eclipse on 11/13/2012 means, you know, the one in Scorpio? That is going to be a positively hellish time on earth.

From one Astrologer to another, watch the Stars.

Angel, no one is denying that big changes are coming but your characterization of them is not particularly helpful. Describing the November eclipse as “…a positively hellish time on earth” adds nothing to our understanding nor empowers us to act intelligently. You’re really serving up some old timey astrology here with fire and brimstone out of another era. I prefer to see humanity as an evolving species (in spite of our considerable weaknesses) with astrology as an asset to this process.


In 2012 the Australian farming community will come together to observe a year of farmers, libraries will mark the year of reading, while in Europe it’s the year of Active Ageing. Here at the C*I*A we invite you to join us in celebrating 2012 as the Year of Astrology.

As 2012 hosts the rare transit of Venus, how appropriate it’s also the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All and the International Year of Cooperatives. This has inspired us to create a Venus Mission as part of the 2012 celebrations (see below).

In a left-brain culture that is information-laden, mechanically and technically obsessed, astrology remains ignored and often ridiculed except to those who have participated in its insights. Let’s help change that in 2012 by celebrating astrology.

Astrological tradition has bequeathed a plethora of techniques, a variety of approaches and a diversity of practice and application. Whether Academic or Akashic, Heliocentric or Hellenistic, Medieval or Mundane, astrology telescopes cosmic experience for the benefit of human awareness. It is inspirational by nature and in 2012 we can continue to inspire ourselves and others with the mysteries of astrology.

Like an ancient language, astrological words convey symbols and layers of meaning beyond rational concepts. The imaginative nature of astrology lies beyond its methods, a conundrum in a culture that seeks proof in literality. You don’t need to prove or believe in Latin; likewise astrology needs to be freed from its criticism. In 2012 we can work together to articulate astrology.

There are many ways to celebrate, inspire and articulate astrology in 2012 but the most important will be your own. Please join us in acknowledging astrology as a valuable and resourceful instrument in our human experience.

If you’re planning an astrological event or wanting more information about how to get involved, please visit our global event map to see what others are up to, get ideas about what you could do, or come up with a dedicated 2012 Year of Astrology celebration of your own.

The C*I*A’s main event will be our Venus Mission coinciding with the Venus transit mid-year. The Venus Mission is about the intention of re-evaluating our relationship with the Soul of the World (the Anima Mundi) and with our planet. We make a call for love, honour and respect to be returned to the heart of our relationship with Earth.

We will launch 2012: Year of Astrology at the Federation of Australian Astrologers International conference on January 19th. We’re keen to hear any ideas you’d like to share on how to promote the campaign throughout the year.

Join in the spirit of 2012 and help us get the word out by forwarding this letter to any colleagues, groups and organizations that you think might be interested. Get involved with our Facebook page, share your ideas and invite your friends. Let’s make the most of the social networks that have united astrologers worldwide.

(just so some of you here have a better idea of what this is all about)

You would say that, “…us” exactly who is “us?” Your job as an Astrologer is to alert people, to prepare them, or so that they can prepare themselves for what is coming.

There is nothing old about what I am saying. It is quite clear to any Astrologer who has studied astrology for any length of time, that 2012 will be a most significant year in the history of mankind.

Don’t label what I am saying with words that are not pertinent to the extraordinary times we are living in. You may prefer to give things labels and to speak as if the science of Astrology has evolved beyond what it was meant to do, warn and educate people, but that is not the case for all those involved, people that want and need to know what the Stars say.

I have educated those that can hear and see, that these are indeed extraordinary times and that they should prepare themselves, spiritually, emotionally and physically for what lies in their destinies.

And this, everyone, is why we should be trying to disassociate astrology with 2012. No matter how much some people want to play up the association as a good idea, there are a lot of people out there who are saying crazy things about what will happen next year, and astrologers are the ones that are going to end up taking the fall for it.

Angel. Clearly, you’re entitled to your beliefs, but claiming that “It is quite clear to any Astrologer who has studied astrology for any length of time, that 2012 will be a most significant year in the history of mankind” is highly debatable. I know a great many astrologers who have studied the subject for decades who would disagree with you. I do agree, though, that these are important times and that we need all the insight astrology and other sources of wisdom have to offer. My belief is that individual breakthroughs will precede institutional ones and am encouraging people to push beyond their conceptual limits to reinvent themselves. I’m sure that there are other useful ideas but don’t see the value of vague descriptions of hellishness to come.

Well, that is unfortunate. People want the truth, not some utopian dream made up in an ivory tower. The state of the world today indicates the extreme times ahead. What do you know of hell?

Angel, you’re personalizing the subject. If we meet at a conference some time, I’ll be happy to have a drink with you and tell you about my life journey. But let’s stick to the subject of astrology and the claim that 2012 is uniquely significant. If that’s the case, can you tell us what were the 2nd and 3rd most astrologically significant times in recorded history so we have some reference points in your research.

??? I have a better idea, why don’t you tell me what you see from that Eclipse on 11/13/2012?

I you do care to tell me… I would be more than happy to tell you why it is significant ^_^

Angel. You haven’t responded to the substantive question about the astrology of 2012 in comparison to other critical times in history. My personal story may or may not be interesting but is not relevant to the technical issue that you’ve raised.

But I have responded to the 2012 question. Just because you ask for irrelevant questions of astrological events, based on your own … agenda? Does not mean I have to answer, you are not the teacher and I am certainly not the student.

The issue that I have raised is “What exactly do you see for that Eclipse on 11/13/2012?”

I have seen a lack of information about this date. This date that is terribly significant. I’m wondering if Astrologers are really that unaware.

Angel, sorry I didn’t see your question about the eclipse. I’m looking at the chart now and don’t get your point. Are you claiming that this event is proof that 2012 is the most important year in human history? Again, what are you comparing this to with respect to other eclipses?

I am making no claims. There are no coincidences, 2012 is a pivotal year. It is very Real and it is the most important year in the history of Mankind.

The nature of the 11/13/2012 Eclipse has no comparison… it is unique in and of itself, as indicated by Uranus in Aries inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio, with Pluto in mutual reception in Capricorn squaring Uranus. An ending and a beginning all in one.

Angel. You say that you’re making no claims and then in the following sentence you state that 2012 is “…the most important year in the history of Mankind.” Sounds like a claim to me. Did you compare this eclipse to any of those around the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of the 1960s? I was hoping that this conversation would shed some light but all I’ve gotten is the heat of opinion.
Chris, I think your point is made.

Angel. It’s a belief, which doesn’t make it true. It certainly is a claim until it’s proven. You haven’t even offered credible evidence and discussed it in a logical way. You haven’t responded to reasonable questions regarding your research. Passion is not proof. Now it seems that you’re going to reply to everything I write so I’m going to sign off here unless you want to address concrete astrological issues.

I am sorry you can’t see the light… perhaps it is that Mercury square Neptune that clouds your vision. This date is hidden. The Eclipse is in Scorpio with Saturn & Pluto keeping it a serious and terrible secret. The aspects are there. The information is before your very eyes, yet you fail to see it.

I am living proof of the Uranus Pluto conjunction, I also have Venus conjoined in a stellium in Virgo. With Venus, Uranus & Pluto conjoined in Virgo, I do not make claims. I state the Truth, plain and simple. My Sun is in Libra conjoined Mercury in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius.

Objectivity has always been my approach, if my opinion seems heated, perhaps it is because Mars is conjoined my natal Mars in Leo. I see it as trying to tell you something that will benefit you.

Study that Eclipse, the aspects are intense and their true meanings will be revealed to you if you but look deeply.

Neptune will be in it’s own sign of Pisces, intuition is needed to discern the truth.

Since this discussion has gone from the sublime of rationality to the ridiculous of truth, it is time to consider one aspect of wondrous changes coming on the stage of the astrological vaudeville show in 2012 (I think it will be broadcast on your local Faux station):

The Great Venus Show!

Dancing with the Stars!

Here are some truthful reflections on the Leading Lady, Venusha.

One wonders if Venus, Aphrodite, Aphroditos, Ishtar or simply satellite Numero Dos from Big Stella, really owns a house, or two, or lives under a sign, which might be a pub, The Balances, or the Bull, maybe she (or he?) is more at home in Bull and Ram, or at The Lion, or The Boy and The Fish or in the King’s Arms (would that be George or the Sun King??!)??

We might as well have some FUN in the autumnal gloaming as Rome burns and the numbers are crumbling down on Wall St. Speaking of which– Did you know that Zuccotti Park is named (not really, but…) after a wonderfully inebriatingly delicious Florentine pudding called a Zuccotto, because it (the sweet) resembles a pumpkin (zuccotto). Which is also the name given to the little skull cap which Catholic priests wear (hence the term “pumpkin head”). In the diminutive form–zucchino, its a well-known veggie.

But let’s take a look at this Venus (not the tennis player) in its poetic and LES form, which of course will be wildly funny and very sassy, combining in true LES sassy-style the best of the avant-guard and deep thinking about what _really_ matters.
So here it goes, girls!

“Ode to a Grecian VRN”

Version for 2012, The Yawn of Astrology on the Lawn…

Well, Veuranus in the Taurus mess is of course a very different gypsy dancer than Venus in the Aquarius soup. We have no good astronomical proof of that, although it is not confirmed by statistics: Nor is the nut in the fudge.

The rockettes change costumes when they are in different signs, or houses or pubs…
Of course!! this is astrological vaudeville in Iowa…wa. wa, yea!
and your mamma already knows you are a naughty, sneaky, lying little son-of-a-bitch, so don’t think you’re telling her something that’s a fire-cracker surprise. –Kyrie eleison emas!

Venus, to wax poetic, is a two-faced bitch, is a gender-transcending trans, a drag queen spacing on coke outside a bar in Alphabet City with one broken high heel. Imagine her wig wet with rain…

V’s Justin Vivian Bond when ve sings off key but can still laugh about it.

V is a kidney stone, or a kidney bean (when in Boston).

V is Ricky Perry’s hair do, or Donny Trump’s orange skin.

V is Lady Gaga dressed in Goco, sucking Madonna’s pink dildo.

V is Rachel Maddow on a blind date with Sarah Palin (guess who wears the Mouse horns?)…Santa Maria, ora pro nobis!

V is William Safire as he Goes to Burger King, Orders Two Whoppers Junior.

V is lazy as a cat, V is fat like the mullet,
V is opinionated and irritable.

V in heat moans for the delivery boy, but will settle for a porn flick or mag.
V eats cherry-centred chocolates by candle-light, V thinks that is grovey.

V listens to Mozart on ver ipod while stealing bijoux at Macy’s & V always gets away with it.

V and the Disney Dog when they get together splatter blood on the walls (and all over the WTC) and end up with a dead mouse up their back-house-door, like Dicky Greer.

V is date rape too (Arabs beware!!).
V cries before V dies,
V dies in the skies.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star…

V is a bipolar rent-boy watching the clock in a Las Vegas Hilton suite, ordering from room service;
V is a service rendered.

V always sends flowers to funerals, les fleurs du mal on her sleeve.

V is your bwank manager, your hedge fund hunkie in Victoria’s Secret.

V has to wax ver shoulders and ear-lobes, and paint ver lips.

V has had ver beard plucked and electrolocised.

V will spend $300 on skin products at the drop of a hat.
V is always on a diet, except when ve sees Twinkies
… Or the Mars Bar boy wearing his black leather thong and whip.

V dreams of Jesuits chasing ver around the bed, hanging their rosaries from the picture frames and singing “Volare!”

V plays the Nun of Monza in Ken Russell’s film.
V is a movie star.

V dreams on the subway to Rockaway.
V is a girl from the Bronx going to see the Sea,
V is so sassy sexy swinging a salsa in Botticelli.

V is a rock star, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,
prefers blondies, and breaks like a China doll.

V! is Diana Rosenberg doing a pirouette
V! is Diana Brownstone in hot minuette
V! is Marion Marsh on an Italian holiday
V! is Mary Downing in her signature pearls
V! is Lenore Cantor in Parisian swirls**

Viva La V!!

Lorenzo dello Smerillo +

Venus is center stage in 2012 along with the Sun. Venus & the Sun… that pentagram around the Sun was protecting the Earth… Was.

This is one of my pet peeves also. There are many important transitions at this time of history.

My opinion is that the Mayan calendar was a cultural one for their people, and that it’s application to the entire world may be misplaced. Additionally, if even the Mayans don’t see it as all that significant then I think this is largely the product of making one racial group into “the other” in a way that diminishes their humanity, which is understandably a thing for some to be upset about.

Far too much feeding of trolls in this thread. The first rule of blogging and social networking is that you don’t feed the trolls. 🙂

A few more significant big astrological happenings. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Libra in 1980, which changed the triplicity to air, after about 180 years in the earth triplicity (i.e. the age of industry and physicalism, shifting into a more social and information-based “air” age). There’s also the dawr, which is discussed in some depth in the commentary by Burnett and Yamamoto to Abu Ma’shar’s “On Historical Astrology”. They explain it as a time lord system whereby a planet and a sign rule each 360 year period, signs in order, and planets by the so-called Chaldean order. In 2020 is supposed to end the Saturn and Virgo period which began in 1660 with a shift into the Libra and Jupiter period. Presumably, that shift together with the triplicity shift, will see the end of physicalism, which made it’s ascendancy in the last few hundred years to become something of the dominant philosophical paradigm of the intellectuals. Perhaps a shift away from materialism, doubt, and the limitations of supply as the basis of understanding and modeling the world, and a shift towards virtue, equanimity, and expansive experience.

I strongly disagree to the main point that 2012 is astrologically not signicant. My first point is that historically, the new age has been defined by astrology. Google it! However, unless you accept the point that the Galactic Center (GC) is a new point of interpretation than there is nothing to talk about. See John Major Jenkins book: GALACTIC ALIGNMENT. Enough said about that. Regarding 2012 being the year of Astrology, GAK!

The Galactic Center (GC) has been discussed by astrologers since Michael Erlewine’s deep space work in the 1970s. However, the GC is 27 Sagittarius while the Dec. 21, 2012 solstice is at 0 Capricorn. At the precession rate of one degree every 72-years this is difference of about 200 years, nullifying an immediate connection between the two.

Nullify this. At the winter solstice of 2012 the winter solstice sun will have begun to rise in the northern hemisphere from our point of view. Google Jenkins GALACTIC ALIGNMENT. Check out the diagram.

Jenkins’ article that’s cited is not about the Galactic Center He writes, “The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator.” He later mentions the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius, so we’re not talking about the same thing.

The aspect I’m focussed on has nothing to do with Mayan calendar and everything to do with January 1932 when Mars, Pluto, Uranus were a mirror of where they’ll be in July 2012. If history does, in fact, rhyme – well, it’s going to be ‘atishoo… all fall down!’

I have just stumbled across this discussion. I have been wondering why astrologers havn’t been discussing the eclipse patterns this year. Not only with the Venus eclipse but the november eclipses also. I want to make it clear that I am not of a mind that 2012 is the end of anything except that it is where the Mayan’s stopped their work on ‘their’ calendar for reasons that may not be clear.
I havn’t researched-yet-previous eclipse patterns but I have noticed that the lunar eclipse that falls on 29th November (in Australia) involves every traditional planet in a yod pattern. With Mercury being the only planet that is not within orb but still neatly ensconced in the Scorpio stellium. I am no expert by far but with all visible/traditional planets making such a tight pattern, whether you believe in the importance of Yod’s or not is something pretty special. The focal point being 7 degrees gemini & the Sabian Symbol is ‘An Old Fashioned Well’ it’s about beliefs tapped by others long ago, being supported by those who came before OR negatively ‘not trusting advice based on established ideas.
I must admit my main interest is because 7 gemini is a very sensitive point in my chart and when planets traverse this degree ‘things’ happen in my life. This forms a transiting Yod which has informed me that ‘Yod’s’ ARE a very potent aspect pattern.

Good little tidbit, try overlaying the Aztec sunstone over the Dendera so the arrows match the v shaped elbow pieces of the Falcon headed holders. They were made by the same people originally. The 20 days match with the decans energetically quite nicely.

Totally agree with Chris on this one. I found the solstice of 2010 more interesting than 2012, and also find the Equinox of 2017 more interesting than anything in 2012. March 21rst of 2017 is also 8 Batz which is the Mayan new year in their 260 day calendar.

One by one, all the “predictors” will have to clean egg from the face and I hope astrology doesn’t take too bad of a hit.

Arguably the late 60’s and early 70’s did more for astrology than what is happening right now. The multitude of good astrological books that came out during that time were both more accurate and formed of good science.

I wanted to find out for myself and took my last dimes to Guatemala and was lucky enough to travel with several elders for 12 days. The gift from the Maya, is the 20 days. Their whole point and mine is,..most people do not even know what day it is, but they want to speculate on epochs.


Above all else, the one thing that is, and has always been lacking in modern astrology is courage.

The only person who showed enough courage to stand up and offer a simple truth in either the above article or the comments that followed was Angel when she stated:

“Astrology has a role to play in human affairs. It is to warn and educate people. The Stars are tools for discerning the mind of God. For discerning what is happening in our Universe and why it is happening. Nothing less, nothing more.

Any Astrologer worth their salt would be proud to be associated with the most important date in the history of mankind… The End of this World as we know it, period. No one can predict the future, but one can discern the changes coming and educate the masses and give warnings, that is the job of Astrology. The knowledge of the Stars, for it is All Written in the Stars.”

That, of course, was the cue for the arrogant, yet trembling, establishment astrologers to focus their condescending, dismissive remarks at her in order to portray her as both alarmist and irrational.

Listening to all of these highly regarded ‘experts’ desperately protecting themselves and their reputations by downplaying one of the most interesting, if not potentially significant years in human history, would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Every one of them has chosen to dismiss every potentially interesting aspect occurring in 2012 as either completely uninteresting or much less interesting than similar aspects in any other year. I am quite certain, however, should any significant event occur in 2012, they have all carefully prepared their after-the-event articles explaining in great detail the astrological aspects that were responsible and how they knew what was coming. They just didn’t want you to know.

Astrology has become nothing more than a giant tranquilizer. This isn’t philosophy people. Everything doesn’t have to be offered in coded, indecipherable messages that ultimately have no meaning or purpose.

Just do what Angel says. Have the courage to actually say something. If nothing else, astrology will at least be interesting again.

“…both alarmist and irrational.”

I would say that that is an accurate depiction of my views on Angel’s comments.