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The History Channel Airs an Episode on Astrology

Yesterday the History Channel aired an hour-long episode of its series The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved that focused entirely on astrology. The episode was not so much about the history of astrology as it was on debates about the validity of the subject in modern times. I had a lot of trepidation going into it […]

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The Definition of Astrology

What is the definition of astrology? If you search around the internet for a few minutes you will find a number of different definitions. Unfortunately most of them are wrong. They are wrong in the sense that they do not accurately reflect the way in which many astrologers conceptualize and subsequently define their own subject. […]

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10 Questions About Astrology from a Skeptic

A couple of years ago I got into this argument on a forum with this skeptic who was attacking astrology. I didn’t realize it initially, but the guy was actually more interested in ridiculing me than he was in having a serious debate about astrology. He clearly didn’t know very much about the subject, despite […]