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Sarkozy Wins Round One, Victory Predetermined

(Credits to J. & G. on Flickr for the photo of Sarkozy)

The first round of voting took place today in France for the 2007 presidential election, and not surprisingly the right-wing candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has taken the lead according to the current reports as of Sunday night, with his socialist rival Segolene Royal trailing him by about 6 percentage points.

Earlier this year I did quite a bit of research into the astrology of the French presidential election and the conclusion that I came to very early on was that it appeared that Sarkozy would win the election because he had the more eminent birth chart and better supporting transits and time-lords activated at the time of the election. Early last month I issued my prediction that Sarkozy would win the election in a detailed blog entry that can be found here. Today I thought that it would be good to point out a few of the transits that are going on in both charts.

Sarkozy’s natal chart with transits for April 22 on the outside

A quick list with some of the closest transits today:

  • Neptune sextile natal Venus
  • Mercury trine natal Venus (applying)
  • Jupiter conjunct natal Venus
  • Saturn square natal Saturn
  • Mercury square natal Jupiter
  • Venus sextile natal Mars
  • Saturn trine natal Venus (applying)
  • Uranus square natal Venus (applying)

We notice pretty quickly that Sarkozy seems to be getting quite a few transits to his natal Venus at this time, and this is actually quite important because Venus is acting as a more powerful benefic in Sarkozy’s life since he was born at night. It is notable that the closest transit from an inner planet that he had today was from Mercury which is making a trine to his natal Venus, and when I was looking at this a few months ago it seemed that this was an indication that this day would bring good news for Sarkozy. The Venus transits are important because Venus is the time-lord for this year within the context of Sarkozy’s career and social standing since he is in a 5th house profection year, and the 5th whole sign house from his midheaven is Libra. Thus, positive transits to his Venus right now indicate something positive with respect to his career.

The profections also seemed to be pointing to the importance of the Saturn station that occurred a few days ago because Sarkozy’s profected sign when you start from the ascendant is Capricorn this year, and if your profect from his sect light (the Moon) it activates Leo which is exactly where Saturn is transiting right now. Saturn is of course making a trine to his natal Venus, and a right-sided square to his natal Saturn.

The indications for Segolene are a bit more mixed though

Segolene’s chart with transits for April 22 on the outside

Major transits today:

  • Sun sqare the Lot of Fortune
  • Pluto square the natal Sun
  • Saturn square the MC (applying)
  • Pluto trine Venus (applying)
  • Venus trine Mercury
  • Uranus trine MC (applying)
  • Mercury square Uranus (applying)
  • Mercury opposite Neptune (applying)
  • Venus trine the ascendant

With Segolene we notice some positive transits such as Venus trine Mercury and also trine the ascendant, but there are also some decidedly more negative or difficult transits such as Mercury square Uranus and opposite Neptune, and transiting Saturn closely square the midheaven. She is in a 6th house profection year which activates her natal Uranus in the 6th house, thus making that Mercury transit especially important and perhaps indicating a day that brings news that is quite jarring, disruptive or unexpected.

What Segolene’s transits seem to indicate is that while today was a victory for her insomuch as she made it past the first round of voting and can now go head to head with Sarkozy for the presidency, the fact that she trailed behind him so much in the votes today may have been somewhat surprising to her, and the realization that she is not supposed to win this particular election may just now be setting in.

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