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Sarkozy Wins French Election, Astrolger Unsurprised

Sarkozy Wins French Election, Astrolger UnsurprisedI have been in Paris since May 1st visiting my girlfriend and following the final days of the presidential election here. Back in December my girlfriend asked me who I thought would win the presidential election and I remember looking at the charts and thinking pretty quickly that Sarkozy would take the election because he had the more eminent birth chart and the better transits and time-lords active at the time of the election from a Hellenistic astrological perspective.

I started this blog a few months later and one of the first posts that I made was a prediction that Sarkozy would win the election. So naturally I wasn’t terribly surprised to see him win last week, and I went to his party headquarters in Paris to see it happen as the results of the election were announced that day.

The whole afternoon and evening were pretty surreal for me, and I can only imagine how it felt for him. What he is experiencing right now is the Saturn return of when he first started his political career by being elected mayor of a town, as well as the Jupiter return of a time when he made an unwise political move by spurning his mentor Jacques Chirac and subsequently fell out of the upper echelons of power almost entirely.

In making the prediction I wasn’t really concerned with the actual politics surrounding the affair, and it was actually much easier to issue a prediction about an election that I wasn’t very emotionally invested in. I was just concerned with the outcome of the election itself, and not the repercussions that it might have for the country or the world. In the end it seemed to be a rather close election with Sarkozy only getting 53% of the vote. The riots and hundreds of cars burned over the next few nights in the streets of Paris seems to indicate that this was not a favorable outcome for many. Sarkozy takes power in a few days and then we will have a sort of coronation chart with which to base our predictions on the future of his presidency.

The concert at the place de la Concord in the middle of Paris on the night that he won the election was rather breathtaking. With thousands of people packed into this area with the obelisk that Napoleon brought back from Egypt standing there ominously, you couldn’t help but feel that you were witnessing something historic.

The appearance of the red flares when Sarkozy appeared on stage was a nice touch for someone whose public persona is largely characterized by his Moon-Mars conjunction in Aries, but I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of unease mixed in with my sense of awe.

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