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Hellenistic Astrology Course Endorsement

An Introduction to Hellenistic AstrologyI just received an email from a former student of mine a couple of days ago who recorded a video endorsing my Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Course. Since I am starting a new group of students in the course this week I thought that I would take this opportunity to promote the class a bit for anyone that is interested in signing up. The new group of students is just getting started this week, but since the course is designed so that people can work at their own pace there is still time for new students to sign up for the course this month.

Here is a link to the video endorsement I received from Bill Frazier today: click for video.


Hellenistic astrology was the original tradition of ‘horoscopic astrology’ that was developed sometime around the 1st century BCE. In the course I take people on a detailed trip through the history, philosophy and techniques of this ancient tradition of astrology. Unlike modern astrology, most traditional forms of astrology are more explicitly directed towards timing and prediction, rather than say, psychology or character analysis.

I include a number of more obscure and remarkable timing techniques in the course, many of which have only recently been recovered due to various translation efforts. Upon completing the course students acquire a better understanding of the fundamental concepts and theories underlying astrology, and they find themselves in a better position to approach chart synthesis in a much more concrete and systematic manner. This naturally leads to an improved ability to carry out the fundamental purpose of astrology – to make predictions.

I’m taking on new students for private study all the time, so if you are interested in learning more then please send me an email or register for the course here.

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