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Sarah Palin’s Birth Time

The US presidential election is only a few weeks away and we appear to have reliable birth data for Obama, McCain and Biden at this point, although there is still one missing piece:  we don’t have a reliable birth time for Sarah Palin.  A couple of birth times have been floating around for her over the past few weeks since she got the vice presidential nomination, but no one really seems to be able to say exactly what the source is for these birth times.

The birth time that shows up most frequently at this point is 4:40 PM, but the problem is that no one can verify the source.  Some people say that it comes from the astrologer Margie Herskovitz and that it is derived directly from the birth certificate, while others say that this birth time came from another astrologer named Gregg DeLaCastro.  Eric Francis addressed some of the confusion surrounding Palin’s birth time over at PlanetWaves.

The sources that were attributing the 4:40 PM time to Margie Herskovitz were saying that they got it from an AFAN newsletter, so I decided to write to my friend Frank Piechoski from AFAN in order to get the inside scoop on what the story is on this.   In order to set the record straight on this I will reproduce part of his message to me here (with his permission, of course):

Unfortunately, that birth time is not yet substantiated in my opinion. It wasn’t published in the [AFAN] Newsletter – it appeared as a post on the AFAN memebers e-mail list. Here is the information from the AFAN List from Linda Lehman on Sept. 1 2008:

“Astrologer Gregg DeLaCastro reports Sarah Palin’s birth information as

AA: Quoted BC/BR

February 11, 1964
4:40 PM
Sandpoint, Idaho”

Apparently, Margie saw this and passed it on to someone else so it was attributed to Margie. It propagated to other lists with Margie’s name involved. Attempts to contact Gregg DeLaCastro for more information have been unsuccessful as far as I know.

I would treat the data with extreme caution until we get an explanation from DeLaCastro.

So, there you go.  At this point we still don’t have any verified data on Palin.  We do know that she was born on February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho, but without the birth time our ability to make any predictions based on her chart are seriously restricted.  Anyone who takes the 4:40 PM time for granted at this point and uses it to make predictions is sort of taking a leap of faith, and as we know from the whole Obama birth time debacle from earlier this year this sort of approach can be rather risky.

I would advise people to show a bit more caution and restraint with respect to Palin’s birth chart until we can get this cleared up, and perhaps get a verified birth time from somewhere.   If you have any information that might be helpful then please let me know.

Of course, we do have what appears to be reliable data for Obama, McCain and Biden, so their charts are fair game.

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I was listening, but I was sort of hoping that we would have the issue cleared up by now. Instead the 4:40 time seems to have spread even more, and the citations for where it originated have become even more murky. Let’s up that someone is able to get a hold of DeLaCastro soon, or perhaps we can find someone that can actually get a copy of the birth certificate.

My wife (actual astrologer) was telling me (fake astrologer) how she wasn’t surprised at some of the media’s negative reaction based on her transits during the RNC convention speech. I also found it interesting that she was asking me about the Obama nomination time so she could check to see if the moon was Void-of-course. I told her “I’m not sure of the exact time, but I do recall Hillary Clinton interrupting the roll-call of the state delegates in order to nominate him” and now I suspect they had astrologers telling them “NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT NOMINATE AFTER THIS SPECIFIC TIME” given the last two nominations.

PS: Well at least Sarah got a smiley face in your graphic. No smiley face for McCain? Was that by accident? 🙂

A few minutes after I posted the article I looked at it and realized that someone would probably ask why McCain wasn’t smiling. To answer your question, I didn”t go out of my way to do that on purpose. I was just trying to find some decent pictures to photoshop and that was what I came up with in a somewhat random fashion. If you look at the Biden picture closely you will notice that the one I found for him is pretty grainy.

I’m running a crappy, but effective, astro-program. 4:40 pm gives her a Leo asc.? Seems like a pretty good guestimate, if nothing else. Square face(forehead and jaw), hazley-khaki eyes, thick, but lightly thinned head of hair. All this on the aquarian frame. Born the year of the cat/rabbit. An ace of spades in the Destiny Cards. A secret keeper, I know 3 chicks like her. They try to hide things, but strangely it all hangs out in public. That Uranus Virgo Retro thing sucks. I know, I have the same thing. Mine is 12th house, learned to keep my mouth shut……..most of the time. 🙂

I haven’t done any rectification work on the 4:40 pm chart, but she does appear Leo rising to me, also the moon would be in the 4th degree of aquarius. Jones’s Sabian symbol is “A council of ancestors . . . . When positive, the degree is power through absolute self-integrity, and when negative, sterile conservatism.”

With Britney Spears traveling Saturn comes to hit on her Mars, could she be getting married next year? (This happening in the twelfth house). Traditional astrologers might say she is going to be hospitalized? But traveling Jupiter will be running through her fifth house of children, so maybe 3rd child for Britney? Traveling Venus entering her eleventh house and representing her third marriage, she might think that this is a love match?

I would BET she has a Cancer Asc, based on her Aquarian look, but her popularity. She has the dazzling smile of Tom Cruise, another Aquarian, and the whole ‘hockey Mom and kids~pro-life~political conservative with a reformist twist ‘ Moon-ruled Cancer rising signature. It is the ‘Joe Sixpack’ hallmark! It would put her Aquarian planets in her 8th (Sun in 8th in Aquarius is also prominent in John Travolta’s chart), and certainly fit in with the rhetoric about selling the airplane (aviation + other people’s money), being a Maverick for fiscal reform (Aquarius + defacto Pluto/Scorpio and 8th House placement), the Moon ruling her first, placed in the 7th in Cap (older partner, powerful spousal influence)…I could go on and on. She isn’t tall enough or normally glam enough (prior to the election makeover) to have Leo rising, in my opinion, plus in early college photos she was very busty and rather chunky. It would also put Sag on her 6th of work, and she used to be TV (Aquarius) sportscaster (Sag)! It feels like a mortal lock to me…I have been doing charts for 20 years and I think it fits. Uranus transiting her 9th in Pisces would say her career would be in upheaval, her religious and philosophical beliefs creating shocking outcomes, etc., Saturn transiting her 3rd would be all the gaffes in her speech, feeling as if she is being repressed (which she was by the campaign) and the heaviness of her oratory. Being opposed by Uranus, it would also indicate her unusual ‘start and stop’ speech pattern. Aries on the 10th would certainly speak to her aggressiveness in self-promotion and in wanting to be known as an outsider and Maverick. There’s lots more to come. If the New Moon falls in her Fifth, some big news about kids is about to hit the scene..

Ok..take a look at 2:40 pm PST as a starting point. It would move her Moon into Aquarius, but still in the 7th conjunct Mercury. One observation about her is that her husband Todd goes everywhere with her and she is also seen as the ‘twin Maverick’ to John McCain, so the placement fits. It would give her 27 degrees Cancer rising, with Uranus-Pluto conjunct in the 3rd in Virgo (inciting people to violence and anarchy with her speech is certainly one meaning to that placement). Venus would conjunct her MC from the 9th house side at 1 degree Aries, and Jupiter in Aries would sit nicely in the 10th, documenting both her ambition, aggressiveness, and her commanding leadership style. There was a comment the other day about her trusting no one, not even her family, and that Aries Venus is the ruler of her 4th! She was also described yesterday as a ‘whack job’ by someone anonymous person in her daily travels (3rd)~something that might be said about someone who has Uranus there. Interestingly enough, she has the same nodal placement and signs as Marilyn Monroe (12th house Cancer North Node and 6th house Capricorn South Node). Her personal growth this lifetime comes from BEING a wife and Mother, not from jumping back into the Arena to fight (Aries 10th, house ruler Mars, Moon ruling 1st, Mars conjunct Saturn and Sun in 8th in Aquarius; Uranus conjunct Pluto, natural Saturn/Cap 10th rulership. Saturn ruling the South Node). It generally doesn’t turn out well when you fly in the face of your chart’s overall ‘message’, as it didn’t for MM. She is also born in the last hours of a Balsamic Moon phase; this is a test for her, a finishing up lifetime, and her Moon-Merc conjunction squares the Nodal path. Her decisions will have consequences beyond just this lifetime in both personal and historical terms. Sun in 8th House individuals are always remembered after death, either positively for their deeds, or for the manner of their deaths…

I like a 9 am time with Aries and Jupiter rising which really explains her hunger for power. But until there is a birth certificate I completely agree with Chris – It’s just guesswork.

If you have many years of experience reading astrological profiles and matching them to their owners you can start making guesses some of them rather accurate. Her fashion looks, the mom attitude, the striking red and the quick sharp mind are tipical of those who have strong Cancer probably on the ascendant, the red dress if definitely aries and the easiness at being with others and friendliness and yet sharp, business mind are absolutely Aquarius sun/moon.