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AFA Cancels 2009 Astrology Conference in Miami

The American Federation of Astrologers recently canceled their planned astrology conference in Miami, citing the current economic situation as the main issue.

The conference was set to take place in Miami, Florida from July 1st through the 5th, 2009.

The unique thing about the conference was that it was going to be completely free for AFA members who signed up before May 1st, only requiring a $100 deposit upon registration that would subsequently be returned to the attendee once they got to the conference.

The conference had been in the works since prior to the global economic downturn last fall, and unfortunately the deteriorating state of the economy resulted in a high number of cancellations by conference attendees and speakers, eventually leading to this week’s decision to cancel the conference altogether.

The two other major astrological conferences in North America in 2009, the NORWAC and the ISAR conference, are still scheduled to take place as planned in May and August, respectively, and the NCGR is planning to hold a conference in February of 2010 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Let’s hope that these other three conferences are able to avoid the same ill-starred fate as the AFA conference.

2 replies on “AFA Cancels 2009 Astrology Conference in Miami”

This is unfortunate for the organization. The biennial convention always has been a profit center for AFA. Not a good sign . . . I’ve always heard that economic downturns are not as hard on astrologers as the rest of the economy. Obviously, no one is immune.