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PlanetWatcher Releases 2010 Astrological Calendar

PlanetWatcher 2010 Calendar - click for larger imageKirk Kahn of recently released a new edition of his awesome astrological calendar for 2010, and this year you can order it online through

This is my favorite astrological calendar because it allows you to look at the entire year at a glance and immediately see what the major planetary events are.

It lists stuff like sign ingresses, lunations,  eclipses, planetary stations, retrogrades, major aspects between planets, and more. It is basically like a large visual ephemeris that lists all of the major transits in a given year.

Click on the picture above for a larger preview of the calendar, although note that this is only a low resolution sample of the actual calendar.

Many astrologers may be familiar with Kirk’s calendar because the first edition was printed as a large magnet in 2008 and everyone who attended the United Astrological Conference that year received one. For the 2009 calendar Kirk switched from using magnets to printing it as a large glossy 11×17 one page paper calendar, although it wasn’t widely available for purchase.

This year Kirk is finally selling the calendar more widely through Amazon, and the relatively cheap $8 price should help to ensure that many people are able to get a copy.

I’m also told that Kirk plans on donating a bunch of calendars to the Association for Young Astrologers, and new members who sign up between now and February will received a free copy.  The details on that are still being worked out, but there should be more information available soon on the AYA website.

Once again, the 2010 PlanetWatcher Calendar can be ordered online through Amazon here.

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