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NCGR Research Journal Released

The first issue of the new NCGR Research Journal has just been published, and it is available for sale on the National Council for Geocosmic Research’s website.  Members of the NCGR should receive their copy of the journal in the mail this week, if it hasn’t shown up already.

I edited the collection of papers that appear in the journal, and they were based on a seminar that I organized at the NCGR conference in Boston earlier this year titled Moving Forward, Looking Back: Future Directions in Post-Modern Astrology.

The premise of the seminar, and the journal, is that there is a periodic transmission of the older forms of astrology that are subsequently merged or synthesized with whatever the prevailing astrological paradigm is at the time.  This is an observable historical phenomenon in the history of astrology, and I believe that we are in the middle of another one of these pivotal periods of transmission and synthesis today, in the early 21st century.

The journal is a collection of articles written by astrologers who specializes in each of the major ancient and modern traditions or approaches to astrology.  I asked each of them to write a concise overview of their tradition of astrology, addressing its history, philosophy, and major techniques.   At the end of the article they were to make some statements about what they considered to be the most important parts of their tradition that must be included in any future synthesis of astrology, were such a synthesis to occur.

The result was a pretty comprehensive and insightful overview of the astrological tradition as a whole, clearly outlining the different areas in which the various traditions converged and diverged.   Ultimately the journal served its purpose in clearly showing what positions and approaches are on the table and need to be considered as we move forward with the development of astrology in the next few decades.

Click here to see the full table of contents for the journal.

This is the first time that I’ve edited a journal, and it was a pretty grueling process.  I have to give a lot of credit to my co-editor A. T. Mann for helping to bring this project to completion over the course of the past summer.  His excellent work in every area of the design and editing process shows on every page.   I also have to thank Demetra George for working with me early on in the process to flesh out the original idea underlying the symposium, as well as its execution.

The journal can be ordered from the NCGR website for only $10.  They are also selling the recordings from the actual research symposium for $45.

So far the feedback on the journal as been generally pretty positive, although not all NCGR members have received their copies yet.  I’d love to hear what people think of the journal, or if it left them with any impressions about the future of astrology.   If you have any feedback then please either email me or post something in the comments section below.

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Nice Work Chris. Congratulations. I am looking forward to getting my copy in the mail soon.