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New Blog on Saturn Returns

Saturn Return StoriesI recently launched a new blog dedicated to Saturn returns called Saturn Return Stories.

The purpose of the blog is to highlight real life stories about what happens when people go through their Saturn returns.

Most of the stories tend to focus on the first Saturn return, which occurs for everyone between the ages of 27 and 30, since that is usually the most important one, although there are also some stories about the second and even third Saturn return as well.

One of the things that I’m interested in is studying the Saturn return as part of a larger cycle, which includes the other major turning points in that cycle such as the waxing square, the opposition and the waning square.

For example, I recently wrote an article on the blog demonstrating how J. K. Rowling finished writing the first Harry Potter book during her first Saturn return, and then eventually released the last book in the series right around the time of her Saturn opposition.   Elsewhere Leisa Schaim wrote an article talking about a man who had his first glass of wine at the age of 30, and then over the course of the next 30 years he began a career as a winemaker during the pivotal turning points in that Saturn cycle.

I also plan to incorporate some traditional and advanced concepts in some of the more elaborate delineations in order to show how the natal condition of a native’s Saturn placement can tell you a lot about how they will experience their Saturn return, and whether it will be a success story or a horror story.

Finally, in order to help readers see the full spectrum of different ways in which the Saturn return can play out, we are asking for people to submit Saturn return stories to the website.  If you have an interesting story about your own Saturn return, or you have come across one from someone else recently, then please consider submitting it to us, and if it looks interesting we will publish it on the blog and give you credit (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

So please, check out the website at and let me know what you think!