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The Importance of Yods in Astrology

A “yod” is an aspect pattern that some astrologers use.  It involves two planets in a close sextile (60°), with a third planet ‘quincunx’ (150°) to both of the planets in sextile.  Click here to view a full-sized diagram of a yod. The truth about yods is that they aren’t terribly important, or at least […]

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10 Tips for Electional Astrology

Ten important tips for choosing an auspicious electional chart for starting a new venture or undertaking.

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The Alleged Babylonian Aspect Doctrine

I spent the majority of Monday reading through Nick Campion’s paper Babylonian Astrology: Its Origin and Legacy in Europe and trying to understand the areas of continuity and divergence between the Mesopotamian and later traditions of astrology that developed in the Hellenistic world. I became quite excited and surprised by one statement towards the end […]