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More Astrologers Should Use StumbleUpon

There is this website called StumbleUpon that I think more astrologers should use.  The gist of the site is that you go there and set up a profile which lists different types of websites or topics that you like to study, and then you press the ‘Stumble’ button and it will take you to a random website, webpage, video, or image which other StumbleUpon users have voted as being good websites relative to those specific topics.

The site is interesting because it is sort of like a new way of surfing the web by relying on a community of different people with similar interests to direct you to new websites and articles that you may have never come accross before, but that you will probably really like.

Of course, you aren’t playing a completely passive role here, since you are able to vote on or review each site that you are recommended, which helps to determine which sites you will see in the future, as well as which sites other users with similar interests will see in the future as well.

You can also submit new websites, articles and media on different topics to StumbleUpon if they haven’t already been found by other users with the same interests, and this also helps to ensure that the random articles that people are directed for a specific topics are fresh and interesting.

Generally their system seems to work pretty well at this point, and I’ve come across some really great articles and websites randomly just by hitting the Stumble button and being directed there based on user reviews.

Of course, sometimes there are some real duds as well, since there aren’t a ton of astrologers using the site yet, so sometimes you will end up on Sun-sign sites and such.

This is the reason why I think that more astrologers need to use StumbleUpon though, because the more astrologers who use it, the better the quality of the websites that a random ‘Stumble’ will return.   The better astrology websites will rise to the top based on positive user reviews, while the weaker ones will start to get filtered out.

So, take a look at the StumbleUpon website, set up a profile, and give it a shot.  If you need a more detailed tutorial on how to use StumbleUpon, then check out this page.

If you find a website that you like on StumbleUpon, such as my blog for example, then give it a good review and let other people know about it.

In the process of doing so you will help to ensure that you find other interesting astrology-related websites in the future, and other people who are interested in astrology will as well.

2 replies on “More Astrologers Should Use StumbleUpon”

Yeah, that is a big pitfall with the astrology section of the site at the moment. I’m hoping that if more astrologers start to get involved with it that things will change though.