New Time-Lord Class Launched

I recently launched a new module for the Hellenistic time-lord technique Zodiacal Releasing on my online course site.

Since I just launched the module, the introductory price is only $30 to sign up. This price will go up at some point in the future, after the first round of students.

Zodiacal Releasing is a time-lord technique that is used to divide a native’s life into broad periods and chapters. It is used for studying periods in the native’s life relative to their health, career and love life, and the quality one can expect from those periods.

One of the more striking applications of the technique is to time “peak periods” in a person’s life with respect to certain topics, such as relationships or life direction, and this is generally what I use it for in consultations. It is often quite impressive to see how these periods exactly line up with some of the most important events in a person’s life.

The Zodiacal Releasing module contains a detailed two hour audio lecture with accompanying PowerPoint slides which outline the technique, as well as a writeup on the calculations and the interpretation, diagrams, chart examples, and even a freeware program which calculates the periods for you.

For more information about the module or in order to sign up please see this page on my website.