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New Podcast on Astrology

About a year and a half ago I started a new podcast on astrology called The Astrology Podcast. The purpose of the show is to have discussions about technical, historical and philosophical topics related to astrology. On each show I usually either have another astrologer on as a co-host in order to talk about a […]

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Is it Astrologer or Astrologist?

I have noticed that there is sometimes confusion over whether the correct professional designation for a person who practices astrology is “astrologer” or “astrologist.” The purpose of this post is to clear up this issue for those who are uncertain. Let’s get the main point out of the way right from the start: Generally speaking, […]

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The Definition of Astrology

What is the definition of astrology? If you search around the internet for a few minutes you will find a number of different definitions. Unfortunately most of them are wrong. They are wrong in the sense that they do not accurately reflect the way in which many astrologers conceptualize and subsequently define their own subject. […]