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Nick Dagan Best On Astrology

My friend Nick Dagan Best has a new video up on Youtube from his interview in the forthcoming documentary Return of the Magi. It is a rather insightful look into the the views and the practices of a contemporary astrologer.  If you are not very familiar with astrology, or you don’t know much about how astrologers view the subject, then I would highly recommend that you watch this video, as it gives a pretty thorough introduction.

My favorite line from the clip is Nick’s statement in response to a question about skepticism of astrology:

I wake up every morning with the express intent of disproving astrology, and I go to bed every night having failed miserably.

Here is the clip:

More information about the movie that this interview will be incorporated into can be found at The Association for Young Astrologers is hosting the movie premiere of Return of the Magi on May 18th in Denver, Colorado at the United Astrological Conference. Tickets for the event can be purchased on the AYA website. For more information about Nick Dagan Best and his work see his website

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