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The History of Western Astrology

I made a video today which outlines the history of western astrology in 10 minutes.  It is ten  minutes long because that is the restriction for all YouTube videos, although I covered quite a bit of ground in such a short clip. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, although I was surprised […]

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Book Review: Works of Sahl and Masha’Allah by Ben Dykes

It was with great pleasure and excitement that I read Ben Dykes’ latest contribution to the field of astrology with his new book Works of Sahl & Masha’allah. Ben is well known in traditional astrological circles as an ambitious scholar who made his publishing debut in 2007 with his monumental 1500 page translation of Guido […]

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Firdaria: A Medieval Time Lord System

I came across an interesting website today called which provides free calculations for the medieval-era time-lord system known as Firdaria (Firdariyyah). This system, like all time-lord systems, breaks up a person’s life into specific sections or chapters that are each ruled by one of the seven traditional planets. The nature of the planet and […]

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The Katarche of Horary

My article on the origins of horary astrology titled The Katarche of Horary just came out in the latest issue of the NCGR Journal.  Most NCGR members should be receiving their copy of the journal right about now, and for those who aren’t a member of the NCGR the journal should be available for purchase […]