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CNN Mocks Astrologer

I’ve been getting the vibe over the past few months that CNN isn’t very keen on astrology. It has almost become a regular occurrence at this point that every few months there will be some sort of snarky headline about astrology on the front page of their website. I guess that I’m not really particularly shocked at this point, but some of the digs that they make are still kind of lame.

Case in point, observe the latest headline on their front page in reference to the earthquake that occurred today in California:

“Astrologer couldn’t predict quake”

The link leads you to a video of some hapless Sun-sign astrologer known as Cosmos Gal who was apparently filming a segment right when the earthquake hit today:

Cosmos Gal apparently has a page on YouTube where she posts these quasi-Sun-sign clips, and it looks like the clip on CNN originally came from her Youtube page. For some reason she kind of set herself up by posting the clips on her YouTube page today, both the unedited one with a green screen as shown on CNN, and the longer semi-edited one:


Now, I’m not really saying that I’m a big fan of the more generalized popular forms of astrology that are out there, and I can appreciate the weak attempt at humor or irony on CNN’s part, but still…

Cheap shot CNN. Cheap shot…

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Dumb. The video isn’t even for the day, nevermind she does simple sun-sign astrology and apparently lives in California where at least one felt earthquake happens every day. Earthquakes aren’t exactly an anomaly over there, especially when much of the state is prepared to handle a puny 5.4 and therefore would be unlikely to show up of note in general population charts.

All in all, her popularity just increased.

Sun Sign Astrologers have always been an easy target for the Media. It is the same thing in France. Unfortunately, ‘l’anti-astrologisme médiatique’ is the new ‘fashion’ nowadays…