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Celebrity Astrology Blog Launched

As visitors to this blog may have noticed over the past week or so, I recently launched a new astrology blog dedicated to following celebrities with my friend Patrick Watson.  Surprisingly enough, we call it the Celebrity Astrology Blog.

We were actually planning on holding off on announcing the new blog for a while so that we could get more content up on it, but a friend of ours kind of jumped the gun and word got out about it last week before we intended.   This is the ‘official’ announcement though.

Why Launch a New Astrology Blog?

I thought that it would be a good idea to launch a separate specialized blog rather than simply incorporating the articles into this one since the Horoscopic Astrology Blog is a bit broader in its focus, and I wanted to set something up where we could focus exclusively on celebrities on a daily basis.

Most celebrity astrology sites out there only focus on Sun-signs, which is kind of weak, so we wanted to try our hand at running a more advanced type of celebrity astrology site that employs more advanced techniques and concepts.  The hope is that we can find some sort of middle ground between a generic celebrity Sun-sign site and a really advanced astrological site that employs a lot of jargon and techniques that are foreign to a typical reader.

Hopefully the middle ground that we hope to find will help to introduce the public to the more advanced forms of horoscopic astrology in an easily digestible fashion, while at the same time raising the bar a bit when it comes to celebrity astrology in general.

Looking for Other Astrology Bloggers

So far we are trying to stick to a pretty tight schedule of posting at least one new article each day, and although I don’t know if we will always be able to keep that up, we are going to do our best to add new stuff frequently.

In order to assist us in our efforts of posting new articles regularly we are hoping to recruit some other astrologers to join our team.   If you are interested in blogging for our site, or just submitting an article of some sort, then fill out an application over on the Celebrity Astrology Blog’s info page.

We are hoping that once the blog starts to take off we can make a little bit of money through ad revenue, and then eventually start paying some of our contributors.

So far Elsa and Jeffrey have been incredibly supportive by linking to our site through their blog aggregators at Astro Dispatch and Astrology Blogger, and we are really grateful for their support.

Other Astrology Blog News

I’ve been in the process of redesigning the Horoscopic Astrology Blog during the course of the past month, and you may have noticed some changes, as well as an increase in the frequency of my posting.  I decided to get back to posting on a more regular basis, and I’m hoping to make the Horoscopic Astrology Blog a good resource for up-to-date news and information about what is going on in the astrological community, as well as for astrological techniques and concepts in general.

If you like what I’m doing here, or over at the Celebrity Astrology Blog, then please sign up for our RSS feed by using the button on the right side of the page so that you can receive notifications as soon as a new article is posted.   If you don’t use RSS feeds, then you can also sign up in order to receive notifications about new articles when they are posted on the blogs by email.   That button is also over on the right side of the site, both on the Horoscopic Astrology Blog and on the Celebrity Astrology Blog, although please note that you have to sign up for each of them individually since they are separate feeds.

If you like what we are doing on the blogs then please spread the word.  There are various ways of doing this, such as linking back to us from your own site, telling other people you know about our blogs, posting reviews of the blogs on some of the social networking sites like StumbleUpon or Delicious, etc.

Of course we always welcome comments and feedback, and if you ever have any tips about stories that we should cover on either blog then please let us know.