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Yahoo Answers Has An Astrology Section

Yahoo AnswersA few years ago Yahoo launched a website where users can submit and answer questions called Yahoo Answers.   The site has become quite popular since then, and many people are familiar with it because it shows up frequently in search results for various queries.

Recently I was doing some searches online when I discovered that there is actually an astrology section on Yahoo Answers.

Technically the section is designated for ‘horoscopes’, and most of the questions are actually about Sun-signs, but from time to time a number of more advanced questions about horoscopic astrology pop up.

So, for example, nestled in between lame questions like “How do you know if a Sagittarius guy likes you?” and  “What do you think about Libras?” are questions like “Does accidental dignity negate essential detriment?” and “How can I find out what planet is the ruler of my birth chart?”.

What is of interest to me about this site is the fact that it seems to be home to a decent number of people who are at that sort of in-between stage where they have started to figure out that there is more to astrology than just Sun-signs, but they are still struggling to find information about basic concepts.

It would be interesting to see more serious astrologers there taking part in the discussion and fielding questions from people.  While it is true that most of the questions there aren’t going to be of much interest to serious astrologers, and in fact there are a lot of really ridiculous ones, there are some genuinely good questions that do deserve decent responses.

In answering some of the questions you may find that you’ve helped out a budding young astrologer, or someone who has potential in the field but just needs to be steered in the right direction.

Plus answering questions on Yahoo Answers is kind of fun.  There is a point system  set up for asking and answering questions, and the more questions  that you answer the more points you get, which gives you access to different levels and benefits.  There is also a voting system for users to vote on different answers, and the person who originally asked the question has the choice of highlighting a specific answer as being the best.

For more information just check out the Yahoo Answers astrology section.



3 replies on “Yahoo Answers Has An Astrology Section”


I know. It does start to wear on one’s patience. Even I got burned out after a while.

Hopefully you helped a few people out though, and even that can make all the difference. Perhaps one of them will turn out to be the next Vettius Valens, William Lilly or Dane Rudhyar. You never know…