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Hillary Clinton’s Birth Chart

This is the first installment of what will be a series of astrological articles on the upcoming 2008 presidential election in the United States.

Hillary ClintonI just got back from the NCGR conference in Baltimore Maryland where I was able to confirm my previous suspicions about Hillary Clinton’s birth time with what I consider to be a reasonably reliable source. One of the issues that astrologers are going to run into when trying to cover the upcoming election is that birth data on the majority of the candidates is pretty scarce. That is to say, we don’t have reliable birth times for a number of the candidates, and this information is quite important when casting charts using horoscopic astrology.

Hillary Clinton is a unique case insomuch as there appears to be a few conflicting reports about what time she was born. Her data is currently listed on Astrodatabank as being Dirty Data where there are “two or more conflicting quotes that are unqualified”. One is an 8:00 pm chart with late Gemini rising that is apparently quoted from Hillary herself, and the other time is quoted from an article in the Chicago Sun Times that said that “Her mother went into Edgewater hospital after midnight and Hillary was born early on the morning of October 26th.” Source

In addition to these two birth times there has been this third birth time floating around for a while now that has Scorpio rising. I remember seeing it a few years ago during the 2004 election and remarking to myself about what a strong chart the Scorpio rising one was if indeed that was the correct birth time. Over the past few months I started looking at Hillary’s chart again and renewing my interest in the question since the new election cycle has begun, and I was convinced that the Scorpio rising chart had to be the correct birth time because it was the only chart on that day that had the type of eminence indicators that one would expect from someone like Hillary, and it also seemed to match up quite well when I did a somewhat cursory comparison with her biography. Despite this I still had no hard evidence for my suspicions since the Scorpio rising time seemed to be seriously in conflict with the other two sources.

After speaking with a source at the NCGR conference I am reasonably confident about the birth time now, and I am also a bit excited because it provides us with one of the first timed charts to analyze in order to kick off this series of articles on the 2008 presidential election in the United States. I will simply use this article as an opportunity to post the chart and the data and point out a few of the eminence indicators that I noticed from a Hellenistic astrological perspective, without going into too much detail at this point.

The birth data that I am using for Hillary Clinton at this point is October 26, 1947 at 8:02 am in Chicago, Illinois. The chart is cast in Solar Fire using whole sign houses, and the tropical zodiac.

Hillary Clinton's Natal Chart

A rundown of some of the notable points in this chart is in order:

  • This is a day chart with the Sun in a water sign, so the trigon lords of this chart are an angular Venus in the 1st whole sign house as the primary lord, an angular Mars in the 10th whole sign house as the secondary lord, and a succedent Moon in the 5th place of Good Fortune as the cooperating lord. These would be considered to be very strong trigon lord placements due to the angularity of the two principle rulers.
  • The ruler of the first house is Mars which is placed in the 10th house which pertains to one’s career, reputation and social standing. This obviously signifies someone who is highly focused on their career.
  • It is notable that this Mars in Leo in the 10th house is strengthened considerably by being in a mutual reception with the Sun in Scorpio in the 1st house.
  • It may be notable that Mars is also the ruler of the Lot of Fortune which is placed in Aries in the 6th whole sign house, and that Mars holds a 5th house position relative to Fortune. This adds even more emphasis to Mars as a very important planet in Hillary’s chart.

What this all means within the context of the upcoming election will be the subject of future research and articles.

Update: See my latest article on birth data problems in the 2008 election.

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Hi Chris,

Just found your post on Hillary’s chart–I’ve been preferring the Scorpio rising chart lately as well and would like to add your blog link for this post to Jude’s Threshold, if it’s okay by you.

The 5Vir07 MC has the current Venus conj Saturn there now with Saturn returning to that degree well into 2008…interesting.

So how about more candidate postings, please! ;p


Hi Jude,

Of course it is ok with me. Thanks for the link.

I do plan to get back to posting some articles about the candidates and the upcoming election sometime soon. It has just been kind of frustrating because we still don’t have birth data for several of the candidates. Hopefully some of that information will come out before too long though.

No way Hillary is a 5th house person as the 8 PM charts makes her to be. 5th house people tend to be much more naturally themselves. Hillary seem to have a more evasive, sleek and secretive nature, and being a high dreamer I’d say she definitely fits being a 12th house person (with Scorpio rising) which 8 AM sets her up to be.

Hi Chris,

No reply to any posts.
Just to let you know I’m thoroughly enjoying your Blog

Martien Hermes

Surely there is more to say about this chart. What about the relationships or aspects between the planets in the Middle?

And where are the indicators that this is a great woman who has achieved so many great things, smartly, that have impacted many people so positively, while at the same time being repeatedly blungeoned unjustly by the Republicans and Republican controlled Media.

One thing I would assume that it shows is that since there are things going on pretty much all over the chart that she is a well rounded and emotionally mature individual.

I do know some things about her achievements which might help as one looks at the chart.

1) It is Hillary that the leaders of Northern Ireland recently sought out during their visit, to thank her for all that she did to bring them together afte decades of violence in that country between them’

2) It was Hillary who afte the Republicans stopped her from passing Universal health care, picked herself up and Championed Health Care coverage for poor children. She was the push from the White House, reaching across the isle to Republicans to pass the S-CHIP program which covers 6 Million Poor children in America.

3) It was Hillary who put “Women’s Rights is Human Rights” on the world map at the Bejing Women’s conference which has helped so many women around the world…and which lead to attacks from Republicans as though she is some sor of radical.

4) It is through her work as a young lawyer that gave public eductiation to children with disabilities years ago.

5) The US had a decades long cool relationship with India. Hillary helped break the ice between our 2 countries during her visit with the leaders of India as a representative of the White House and our country.

There is a lot more from what she has done in a bi-partisan way for our veterans to her meeting with Bhutton when she was prime minister to push for Democracy in Pakistan.

Also wonderging it there is anything in Hillary’s chart that shows the extreme erroneous attacks on her by the Media.

Whereas Obama was the one who began erroneously attacking Hillary using Republican Style PR, and intellectually dishonest
arguments against Hillary equating her to Mr. Bush.

And when Bill and Hill fought back the Republican Controlled Media
began attacking Bill and Hillary as racist.

And for an entire week the Dysfunctional Talking Heads which has been building up Obama while trashing Hillary inncaruately began their “Poor Obama” campaign.

This culminated WHILE South Carolina WAS STILL VOTING when Psychological Abuser FROM GE Tim Russert kept obsessing that
the “Cli-tons” were being Racist against Obama.

He used as proof that Bill Clinton called Obama: “A young eloquent leader with a Base in South Carolina” saying that this now made “Obama into the Black candidate” as if he had not been black before (?)

And on his show “mEet the press” he had Psychotic self hater Maureen Dowd claimed that Bill Clinton “trashed our founding fathers” and “pulled the dagger in the heart of Hope” while about Obama calling him “the blesses chiled” who showed that he is (now) angry at the Cli-tons.


So where does all this show up on her chart!

Uh, this is an astrology blog. Let’s keep the comments astrological. Frankly I don’t really care who anyone supports, especially astrologers.

My father-in-law is very good at Chinese astrology, and he believes Hillary’s birthtime should be 7 AM, not 8 AM, because 7 AM apparently matches her bio better. At 8 AM, her “eight characters” chart shows a so-so (i.e. unsuccessful; by any definition, I don’t think anyone could say Bill is an unsuccessful spouse) spouse and she would also have a son, not a daughter.

I live down the street from Edgewater Hospital and was obsessed with this issue a number of years ago. I put WJC’s solar degree on her MC — giving her a 12th house sun — August 16 2008 eclipse should collapse her campaign

The chart time seems accurate…What I see is a T-square from her 1st, 4th and 10th house…know wonder she is regrouping…the pressure should let up when the Sun moves to Pisces…If you have time please post Obama’s chart so I can make some comparisons…thanks

I have recently received Obama’s chart and it is worth noting that both of them have Scorpio rising…Obama’s chart also notes he has his south node in his 4th house which would explain his childhood problems…In addition his Sun shows up in his 9th house explaining his propensity to be a preacher…let’s see how this plays out

No accurate, verifiable birth time for Mr. Obama is available at the present time. Most charts use the noon default or 1:06 pm.

However, after observing him, his life and habits, they seem to suggest something other than Scorpio rising. Here is the case.

Has anyone noticed how he frequently cocks his head to one side, as if in deep thought? He tends to be expressive with his hands and appears more comfortable walking while speaking. These are Gemenian traits. This would point to a birth time, roughly, between 1-3 am.

An afternoon birth on 8/4/61 would yield a Gemeni Moon. However, assuming a birth time of 2:10 AM (0210), one finds the following, interesting items:

-Venus in House One: Pleasant to listen to and look at. If he has faults, they are often overlooked or disregarded.

-Mercury in Two and conjunct Three: Mr. Obama is a self made millionaire. He is intelligent enough to have gained entry to and graduate from an Ivy league institution. Much has been made of his ability to communicate. Mercury is the chart ruler. With natal Mercury in Leo and the Sun in it’s own sign of Leo, this increases the importance of the cusp Third House (Leo) and the matters therein.

-Moon in Twelve: Mr. Obama does a remarkable job of controlling his emotions. This, despite a very exaustive, unusual and emotional struggle with his opponent. Has anyone, victory celebrations aside, ever really seen him get emotional?

-Pluto sextile Neptune and conjuct Four: An obscured family and home life, punctuated by dramatic and unusual changes of location and people.

-Cusp 9 Aquarius: This is in line with his general philosophy of very broad humanitarianism. It also idicates the traveler. Interestingly, this position receives a square from Neptune and opposition his natal Sun.

-Cusp MC Pisces: Problems with the FATHER. The father is absent, literally or emotionally and/or may have problems with substance abuse. This often leads to Capricornian-like tendencies in the subject’s own approach to career and family life, as an adult.

-Wife Michelle’s Mercury falls in Mr. Obama’s 7 and conjunct 8. Her Sun is in his 8.

-Her Moon, Venus and Mars fall in his 9. The Moon and Venus conjunct 10, indicating her emotional investment in and complete support of her husband’s career efforts. Mars is conjunct the cusp of 9.

It is possible, as in the case of Mrs. Clinton, that the AM or PM times are being confused. I have not looked closely at a birth time of 0106 for Mr. Obama. However, it still seems, at a glance, to be more plausible than the 1306 time that is being widely used.

Just food for thought.

As an amateur trying to learn the art, I would welcome any contructive criticism/comments. Thanks in advance.


In Mrs. Clinton’s case, I believe her birth time of “about 2000″ CST, to be much more accurate than Mr. Obama’s (I don’t favor 0800). This would place her ascendant on the last 1/2 degree of Gemini and near the cusp of Cancer.

Again, I would agree with this. Ever notice the moon-like facial as well as general, rounded appearance of this person? She’s, as we’ve seen a couple of times in the last several weeks, an emotional person. These emotions are volatile, changeable and compete with the more emotionally cloaked Scorpion Sun (her usual public default).

Much has been made of Obama’s captivating speaking style. Well, Hillary is capable of holding her own in that area, in my opinion. So, there is some Gemeni influence. This mitigates some of the reclusive, spotlight-shunning tendencies one would expect from a person with Sun and Mercury in the sign of Scorpio. These planets in Scorpio typically yield a person who is unusually concerned with behind the scenes power and control.

If I had to speculate, I would call her birth time shortly BEFORE 2000 local time, not after. This places Uranus in Gemini in close opposition to the seventh house cusp of Sagittarius. It is widely known that her marriage to Mr. Clinton is an “open” one. It, unfortunately, has been afflicted by very public, prolific infidelity.


I finally looked at transits for theoretical birth times. Mrs. Clinton, in my opinion, definitely has an 8 pm birth time. Mr. Obama’s birth time, to me, appears around 1-1:02 am. I think the 1:06 estimation was close, but someone might have assumed PM.

This is important because of the MC and transits to it. Mrs. Clinton appears to have problems with Pluto and Saturn. Transiting Puto is opposing the ascendant.

The 7th house cusp, at 29.8 degrees, became a player in January. That’s when Mr. Clinton, long thought to be a positive in his wife’s campaign, turned too much attention toward himself. Much of it negatively interpreted. The negativity reached a high point at or about January 21. Mrs. Clinton went on to lose several states. In the meanwhile, Pluto continued it’s journey into Capricorn. As if on cue, Mr. Clinton, damage having been done, all but disappeared.

As if this were not enough, transiting Rx Saturn then took aim at her MC. It’s not surprising that February, then, was the disaster that it turned out to be for her.

Mr. Obama seems to be benefitting from a heavy but positive transit of his 10th house (17.7 degree cusp). The Sun, Neptune and Uranus in transit have played large, helpful roles in transforming him into a real life Pied Piper (some argue snake charmer).

Chiron, the wounded healer, lies in Obama’s 10th house. On the night of his breakthrough speech in 2004, transiting Uranus was conjunct Natal Chiron in 10, while the Sun transited his third house, containing natal Mercury and Sun. Thus, he is seen as bringing hope and healing to a nation in need of them.

Also, he seems be getting a semi sextile “hand” from transiting Jupiter. It arrived in the area of 17 degrees for his win in Wyoming. It seems major career positives occur for him at or around this degree (such as his 7/27/2004 speech at the DNC…17.7 degrees). The good news for him? That is where Jupiter will be (17.5 degrees) on 11/4/2008, when Americans vote in the general election.

Many are predicting a Clinton comeback. I have a difficult time seeing this happen. Stress aspects to the Moon, Venus and MC on April 22-23 seem to point to a loss, or disappointing results from Pennsylvania. On 4/23 her natal nodes are squared by transiting nodes. There is a similar theme on the day of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries. Pluto retrogrades back toward asc/7th cusp in April (in time for PA). Three weeks later, Saturn returns to direct motion and makes a beeline for her MC/IC.

To summerize, I see pressure building on Clinton from advisors, party officials and friends (progressed aspects in 11) from just after 3/11/2008 through PA. It gets worse from there. There are tense, behind the scenes issues throughout 2008. In the first half of the year, these seem to stem from details, planning and execution issues rooted in her 11th house.

I don’t see her quitting, though, until AFTER the last primary, but BEFORE the Convention, in Denver, in late August, 2008. I believe that she will exit unexpectedly (Uranus), under advice from family, friends and others on Sunday, July 6, 2008. The announcement will follow, that day or the following morning.

Where is Pluto on 7/6/2008? Pluto is Rx at 29.4 degrees, opposing Clinton’s Asc and conjunct progressed Mercury. Where is Saturn? In direct opposition to the Clinton MC at 5 degrees Virgo.

Where is Jupiter? It’s Rx at 17.9-17.8 degrees, right near the Obama MC.

Cheers and good luck to all!



didn’t she already make a comeback with ohio and texas?? ur analysis didn’t account for those…..if she wins pennsylvania and if florida and michigan primaries are redone then won’t she be in a better position than obama even if he has a slim delegate lead…’cos then it will be a question of electability…

Hello Anales

Let me see if I can address those questions, one by one.

1. >>Didn’t she already make a comeback with Florida and Texas?<>How did I account for those?<>If she wins PA and if FL and MI primaries are re-done, she’ll be in a better position. Then it comes down to electability.<<

I think you’re absolutely correct that, given all of those scenarios, her positioning would improve. The question is, are all of those things going to happen? If they do happen, how effective will they be? The one shocker that I came across was that there seemed to be disappointment related to Clinton’s PA results. She’s must outperform him there by a very substantial amount.

As for electability, that’s for the party officials and voters to decide. The astrology that I looked at wasn’t favorable to her. But, I’m by no means an expert at this. Just a curious learner, thinking out loud. 🙂

Have a great day.


Hello Anales

For some reason, my reply did not post as I had written it. I’ll try again. How is this?

1. Didn’t she already make a comeback with Florida and Texas?

The results of the Texas contest wont be complete until March 29, 2008. That’s when the reults of the Texas caucus will be reported. If Obama wins (last reports had him ahead by double figures), he will collect more delegates and, possibly, popular votes in that state.

There is a lot of spin going on (on both sides). This is sometimes fanned by the media, who have an interest in keeping the contest going. I’m not saying this is the case. It’s just something to consider.

2. How did I account for those?

Good question! Mrs. Clinton had very large (15-30%) leads, in almost every state, a few months ago. However, with Saturn’s vicious, unrelenting attack on her MC and Jupiter’s opposite energies/results on Obama’s, that has evaporated. If she loses the Texas results, did she “win?” If she loses tonight, in Missisippi, coupled with her loss in WY, can this be considered a Clinton “comeback?”

Ok, that’s half and half. Maybe they’re trying to tell me that I talk (type) too much! 🙂


I’ve been wondering about Hilary’s birth time as it makes such an impact on the chart you use for her. Thanks for such a clear, understandable discussion on this topic.

It’s a shame there isn’t anything on Obama. I do think I’ve seen something on McCain, but can’t remember where. Here’s one chart on him, with a birth time of 9:00 AM.

It’s here:

Thanks for this discussion — it’s great!

Could you disclose more of how you came to certainty about the 8:02 time from the “source at the NCGR conference”– expand on the information, please, so we could all be convinced?

Nice blog. I am a sidereal astrologer. Now in examining Barack obama’s chart I used 1306 as the birth hour. If the 1:06 time is used then, his marriage to Michelle would not have lasted this long. there are rules of compatibility set out by the indian astrologer B.V. Raman. Now preferentially, the woman’s natal moon is ahead clockwise of the husband’s. it is not in the Obamas case. However, there is one exception and that is when the husband’s natal Moon is 4 houses in advance of the wife’s (Michelle’s natal Moon is in Aquarius; Barack’s is Taurus). i have seen this personally with my own parents, who were married for 55 yrs. Otherwise, B.V. Raman cites that there would have been obstacles in their marriage. They have been married for 15 yrs. the clintons, on the other hand have this Bill’s natal Moon is in Taurus and Hillary’s is in Pisces: so his is 3 houses in advance and makes for chaos in the marriage.

Pluto has returned to retrograde motion. The last conjunction with the 7th House cusp was around 1/21/08 (assuming an 8:00 pm birth time). This was when Mr. Clinton began taking center stage, to his wife’s detriment, in the campaign.

As we near the conjunction again, Bill, previously out of the news, has resurfaced. He has been described as making “irrational” comments to media and voters. He recently charged Obama with “playing the race card” against him. A charge that spurred Majority House Whip, James Clyburn, the nation’s highest ranking African American politician, to make a public statement regarding the former President. His “bizarre” behavior might be causing “an irreparable breach between Clinton and an African-American constituency that once revered him,” said Clyburn.

At the same time, Saturn remains in retrograde motion. Since separating from Hillary’s Midheaven (MC) in March, her losses at the polls has stabilized. While holding her own, Mr. Obama has come under intense scrutiny for his association with his former Pastor, as well as comments concerning “bitter” small town residents “clinging to guns and religion.”

What will the shelf life of his problems be? With the return of Saturn to direct motion in Hillary’s chart, I would suggest not long enough to save her campaign.

Party officials, such as DNC Chairman, Howard Dean and Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, fearing a Convention meltdown, have begun placing subtle pressures on super delagates to make a decision. They have been careful not to mention candidates by name. However, with the large leads that Obama has built, this would seem to be the developing, troubled, progressed aspects to the 11th house that I spoke of in another topic . This type of “handwriting” should get more blatant as we move forward.

Saturn will soon take aim at Hillary’s MC, again. This planet will bring reward or defeat to an individual. This may depend on how “Saturnine” a person has been in preparation (planning) for what they are attempting to achieve. The last transit was very brutal to Hillary’s campaign, but she survived. Saturn is now set (5/3/08) to reverse course and take another look Hillary’s MC. What mood will he be in?

I will stand by my prediction that Hillary will make her exit, gracefully, on July 6th, 2008.

I see Mrs. Clinton receiving the Democratic nomination under only two circumstances:

1. Something unfortunate happens to Mr. Obama.

2. The super delagates flee, in mass numbers, to Mrs. Clinton.

Obviously, let’s hope we never see scenario #1. However, this is a reality that all extreme, high profile individuals face, in an unstable world.

The second scenario would need to involve a revelation about Obama, on an Earth shattering scale. It also must be coupled with very large defeats (in excess of 20%) in most of the remaining states. This, while more likely than scenario #1, is not something I see in the charts that I’m looking at.

It will be interesting to look at what Astrology says about the general election, once the Democratic ticket is finally announced.

Hello my friends. Well, I have to admit to an big error. My focus on Barack Obama’s birth time, as being between 1-3 AM, I believe, was wrong. Although I am as sure as could be about Hillary Clinton’s time, it’s taken me a while longer to figure out Obama’s.

His birth time, given all of the major events in his life, to date, appears VERY likely between 2340-2345, on 8/4/1961.

Look at it for yourselves. Then, look at what happens on 1/20/2009. That’s inauguration day.

For those without software, I’ll explain myself, after the Democratic ticket is announced.

Peace To All


Could it be Kathleen Sebelius?

I’m getting a feeling that the Kansas Governor might be the one. She’s Hillary’s age (60), a woman, Democratic Governor of a “Red State,” and without an overload of baggage.

I didn’t have a birth time for her. However, keep an eye on July. I called for Hillary to drop out on 7/6. There could be an announcement from camp Obama on 7/8.


Hello all.

I feel most comfortable with the 8 am chart. I’m going to call this post intuitive speculation informed by 37 years of dedicated observation of thousands of charts and their human expressions:-).

I also spent a few years obsessed with political astrology, after finding a version of the US birth chart that met with the information I gathered from a few admired American History professors and a few online historical society archives, I compared the charts, elections and inaugurations of all the presidents and all the major events in US history.

Forgetting all that for a moment, or longer, I have worked with people that have charts very much like the 8 pm scenario – almost identical actually – and they are quite reclusive, and as far from the political stage as one can get. On the other hand, I have worked with clients that have charts almost identical to this 8 am chart and they express themselves very much like Hillary, very sharp, very much out in, and emotionally, passionately involved in the world, very dedicated to change politically speaking, with their own agenda of course, but their motives are always based in progressive politics (this I attribute to the Pisces Moon fourth house). These charts I am referring all happen to be charts of women and those with the 8 am scenario. They could easily be Hillary’s sorority sisters, they have so much in common, and would probably argue into the night over issues they might end up agreeing on.

The other thing about the 8 am chart is that mercury on the ascendant. What a powerful signature for a woman that clearly expresses the mercury in Scorpio intellectual ability combined with her gift for articulation, and on the ascendant it would also follow that the impulse to speak a little too bluntly at times takes over. As for her “emotionalism.” As a woman I know all too well how the pendulum of gender stereotyping swings against us. The minute our gift for rhetoric becomes a threat we are labeled cold and ruthless, the myth of the Fall coming back to haunt. So what do we do, we show emotion! We have to. Hillary was emotional, is emotional, but her mask has been to be strong to compete in a man’s world, then she has to take off the mask after being accused of being too much like a man. Wow.

addendum. actually, I think that a more true chart for Hillary might place the sun a little higher in the sky, in her eleventh house, her mercury a little deeper into the 12th. It still gives her the intellectual component, however, it would address the dilemma she deals with…she, like all strong women, must grapple constantly with how their voices are heard. She probably stuffs a lot more than we know, she would have to in order to have made it this far.

Hello to all,

As I know Hillary Clinton has late Gemini Ascendant and not Scorpio AC.
Don’t you see, that she has “Moon” face (all 1st house in Cancer)?

Are there Astrologers that can find the right hour of her birth?


solunas. it’s easy to leave a flip comment. how about a thoughtful response that qualifies your opinion? anyway, what would be the motive in wishing such a thing?

If I ran this blog I wouldn’t allow flip comments.

That comment was rather tame and ambiguous actually. If you only knew about some of the other ones that I do filter out…

Say, didn’t Mercury enter retrograde motion on the 26th? I’d better pay more attention to that. 🙂


It appears that Senator Barack Obama’s birth certificate was released today. The website has a photograph of it. The time on the certificate is 7:24 pm….Honolulu, HI.