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Astrologer Diana Brownstone Featured on Fox News Health

Fox News recently ran a segment on astrology and health that featured New York astrologer Diana Brownstone.  In what has become a somewhat infrequent occurrence, a major news outlet actually did a somewhat favorable story on astrology that actually featured a decent astrologer!

I feel somewhat conflicted over the fact that it is Fox News that is featuring a story involving astrology that isn’t casting the subject in a negative light, since Fox News isn’t usually known for presenting ‘fair and balanced news’, despite their tag line.  However, in this instance it looks like it is the other major news outlets such as CNN that are guilty of constantly putting a more negative spin on astrology related stories, with Fox News being in the unique position of doing one that wasn’t a hatchet job, and it actually came out halfway decent.

Watch the clip and judge for yourself:

Now, I’m not saying that this segment was pure gold or something, since it was still a rather basic piece that focused on more general Sun-sign related stuff, but when compared to some of the usual stories on astrology that we often see in the mainstream media, this segment practically deserves a Pulitzer prize.

I do think that Brownstone missed a valuable opportunity about halfway through the segment to plug more serious forms of astrology, when she was asked where people can go to learn more about planetary rulerships, and I wish that she had mentioned a major astrology website such as where people can get a full copy of their birth chart, but that is a somewhat minor quibble.

Overall I think that she did a good job, so thanks for representing the astrological community well Diana!


Thanks to Renee and Patrick Watson over on the Horoscopic Astrology Group forum for the tips on the story.

One reply on “Astrologer Diana Brownstone Featured on Fox News Health”

She definitely did a good job and kudos to Fox for being more open minded. I think her listing out all the rulers doesn’t help, because that’s just a bunch of rattling of info that won’t help the casual reader.

I do find Fox to be ‘fair and balanced’ if for no other reason than they don’t lean so far left with their sensationalist headlines. Someone who watches Fox and CNN equally will get a more balanced view. Maybe not just Fox by itself.