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10 Tips For Learning Astrology
October 19, 2007 – 3:23 am | 62 Comments

So you want to learn about astrology? Not the generalized Sun-sign stuff that you find in newspapers and magazines, but serious astrology. The advanced type where you can actually determine specific information about a person’s life through the observation of the planets and other celestial phenomena. Here are some tips to help you get started.

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An Example of a Horary Astrology Question
October 3, 2008 – 4:42 am | 25 Comments
An Example of a Horary Astrology Question

Last week I went to Sedona, Arizona in order to speak at the Blast astrology conference.  The conference itself was great.  It was divided up so that each day was a focused on a different …

Fate, Free Will and Determinism in Astrology
March 3, 2008 – 2:12 am | 6 Comments
Fate, Free Will and Determinism in Astrology

I’ve been of the opinion for a while now that astrology is fundamentally deterministic, and that the majority of astrologers approach the subject with a more or less deterministic mindset, whether they consciously acknowledge it …

Ignorance Is Bliss
October 13, 2007 – 9:37 pm | 4 Comments
Ignorance Is Bliss

So this girl that I work with approaches me the other day and tells me that she needs my help. She is obviously distressed about whatever the matter is, and for some reason she …

Vettius Valens
June 15, 2007 – 1:16 pm | 5 Comments
Vettius Valens

Vettius Valens was a Roman astrologer who was conceived on May 13, 119 CE, and born on February 8, 120 in the city of Antioch, which is now modern day Antakya, Turkey.  Today Valens is …

Controlling the Effects of Planetary Influences
June 12, 2007 – 6:43 pm | 5 Comments
Controlling the Effects of Planetary Influences

A while back a woman on the Horoscopic Astrology Group forum said:
My Leo Moon is driving me crazy. It’s always makin me lash out or take my emotions to extreems. My Moon Squaring Uranus and …

My current philosophical views on astrology
December 30, 2006 – 3:56 pm | 14 Comments
My current philosophical views on astrology

My own views on astrology have been drifting towards a more Platonic and Stoic model of astrology since I started attending Kepler College a few years ago. At some point in Nick Campion’s book Astrology, …