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Disclosure Page

In October 2009 the Federal Trade Commission in the United States approved new guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials for bloggers. The new guidelines basically affirm the principle that material connections behind endorsements should be disclosed.  Since these guidelines just went into effect on December 1st, this seems like a great time to offer our own disclosure information.

Affiliate Links

The Horoscopic Astrology Blog is an Amazon affiliate, and its authors receive a percentage of the purchase price on anything you buy through one of our Amazon links.  This also includes purchases you make while on Amazon that we did not link to directly, within 24 hours after you click one of our links.

Ads and Books

We also get money or compensation from ads on various places on the site, obviously.   Also, occasionally we receive review copies of books, although we are not able to review every book received, nor do we necessarily give favorable reviews to every book sent to us.

Help Keep Us Blogging!

The New FTC guidelines require that we disclose all of this, although it is also worth noting that the Amazon links and advertisements on the site are what keep us in business.

Notice Something Amiss?

If you see anything that appears to be contrary to this disclosure, please let us know so that we can either clarify or correct the situation or update the disclosure. Thanks!